The first CityCamp Honolulu took place last December 2011. It was a pivotal moment in Honolulu’s local government. CityCamp Honolulu brought together the city’s subject matter experts (SMEs) and the broad community of tech, entrepreneurial, small business, and civic minded individuals to brainstorm ways of improving city services with design thinking, technology and collaboration.

Over the course of 2012 we made great strides to open more government data, build applications and foster an environment of collaboration. Thanks to the community and Code for America we have projects like DaBus,, RouteView, Art Mappers, Adopt a Siren and Honolulu Answers. But our work has only just started and as we head toward 2013 we want to maintain the momentum generated in 2012.

With more data sets and the launch of Data.Honolulu.Gov, the City & County of Honolulu and Hawaii Open Data are kicking off a code contest called Hon*Celerator that brings together Hawaii’s best coders, designers, app developers and entrepreneurs to create more ways to engage with government.

Be a part of this growing movement…

Who: Coders, designers, developers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and engaged citizens
What: Workshops and Demo Day

Where: The Box Jelly in Kaka`ako, 307c Kamani Street Honolulu, HI 96813
Why: To create more cools apps for the City and County of Honolulu.

We’ll support the effort with…

  • APIs, data sets and SMEs from the City
  • Demonstrations of available APIs, workshops on Socrata and ESRI
  • Food and drink during the workshops and demo day
  • Lots of cool SWAG
  • Lots of awesome prize money
  • Ample opportunity for developers to meet, collaborate, and demonstrate their technical and business prowess in front of investors and enthusiastic Demo Day attendees
  • An industry-leading judging panel

See you all at Hon*Celerator! Register here.